• Is your team as effective as you’d like it to be?
  • Is your team going through change?
  • Has your investment in skills building not translated into improved performance?
  • Do you sense that people are pulling in different directions?

We do what people do not believe can be done – we enable change in individual and team behaviour and get results.

Through an approach of no-blame problem solving, we help teams find and develop their own solutions, creating an environment where the right questions can be asked rather than solutions supplied.

As a result, individuals support one another, communicate clearly – openly and without malice, the culture throughout the team and with customers and suppliers becomes one of cooperation rather than competition. Unsurprisingly the team’s results improve.

Whatever your situation, team performance CAN be improved. Whether your team is mature or just forming, whether it sits within one part of the organisation or covers many, whether it is purely internal or embraces third-party partners, suppliers or customers, we can help you reap rich rewards.

Our Approach In Action

Example One
Some years ago, a Project Manager in an international aerospace organisation was initially very sceptical about the Project Initialisation Workshop to be designed and run by Hendry Performance Development which his manager insisted that he and his team attend. After the Workshop he said, “I would thoroughly recommend it to all projects”. In fact, he requested a follow-up workshop to prepare the team for a critical phase some twelve months later.

This Manager and his team are now consistently on-time and on-budget, and have a very positive working relationship with their customer.

When asked recently what his secret was, this Project Manager had no hesitation in saying “Cooperation”.

The Workshops, designed together with him and his key people to achieve agreed outcomes, were facilitated discussions and activities centred on the issues the team was predicted to face, with an overall “one-team” theme. They were very enjoyable, but hard work with significant actions generated as a result. Everyone agreed they made a significant contribution to the success of the project

Example Two
in November 2015 we ran a specially-designed Project Initialisation Workshop for a team building two follow-on instruments as part of a Pan-European project.

In addition to this new team getting to know each other better, the Workshop gave them insights on how to work more effectively with their German counterparts. They worked intensively on agreeing how best to improve levels of customer service and budget performance based on lessons learned from the previous builds. They also developed an Ambition statement to give them clear focus.

As a direct result, the team hit the ground running, so much so that the first milestone was met early and they were paid early by the customer. Everyone is very pleased!!

Every team development workshop or event is specially-designed to achieve outcomes and outputs specified by our clients.We can help when a team comes together, when it needs re-focusing or re-energising, when it is going through change. We also help to bring customers and suppliers together as one team and help remote workers develop a sense of belonging.

Surrounding yourself with high performing teams doesn’t just improve organisational performance – by reducing stress, sharing workload, and building trust, the world of their leader becomes a far, far better place too!

To begin to create this transformational way of working, drawing on the innate qualities of people, and achieving step changes in personal performance, give us a call and we’ll explain how.