What people need to perform well

Having been involved with Appraisal for some years and believing that we knew enough to write a book on the subject, in the 1990s my friend and colleague Colin Edwards and I set about doing just that. As we did so, we became aware that we were concentrating on the mechanics of the processes […]

Appraisals do not have to be a pain

I have been involved in Appraisals, Performance Development and Performance Management for over 40 years as someone who has been on the receiving end, as a supervisor and manager, as a trainer developing skills and insights and as a consultant helping organisations make their processes work effectively.

Feelings about this area are not as negative […]

Opportunity of a lifetime

Once upon a time, there was a company contracted to provide two highly advanced technological pieces of kit. For the rest of this piece they will be known as PKHAT1 and PKHAT2. Included within this contract, was the provision of Long Lead Items (LLI). In the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure before commissioning of […]

Managing Volunteers

Over the past 2 years I have volunteered both as a committee member and as unpaid labour for four different and diverse organisations. And no, based on these four examples, I am not an expert on volunteering, but I can see clear similarities between these “not for profit” organisations and my working paid life. Volunteer […]