An agenda will be agreed prior to the start of the module, to meet the specific needs of the participants. Some of the possible Benefits, Outcomes and Topics are listed below.

Possible Benefits and Outcomes

Participants will have the opportunity to refresh and develop their ability to

¨       Understand their roles and responsibilities as managers and leaders

¨       Understand the importance of and approaches to effective performance management

¨       Recognise the importance of acting with fairness and consistency

¨       Give constructive feedback to improve performance

¨       Successfully discuss performance problems

¨       Set clear objectives for performance and refine the performance of team members

¨       Use non-directive approaches to problem solving

Possible Topics


Management & Leadership

·         Roles, Rights & Responsibilities

  • Leader or Manager?
  • Developing a vision for the team
  • What people need to perform well
  • Effective induction plans
  • Managing transition
  • Linking individual objectives to organisational goals
  • Agreeing meaningful performance measures and standards
  • Causes of issues and problems
  • Active listening – a reminder
  • Using a non-directive approach to resolve problems
  • Influencing Styles – push versus pull
  • The manager’s role
  • Managing outstanding and poor performance
  • The need for fairness and consistency
  • Discussing performance problems and issues
  • Understanding the impact of our style on performance
  • Conflict Styles and Managing Conflict Effectively

Setting People Up To Succeed

Providing A Template For Success

Communicating Effectively

Performance Management

Performance Development

  • Giving helpful feedback to refine performance
  • Selecting the right learning approach
  • Using coaching to develop contribution
  • Using behaviour modelling and consequences to shape performance


Team Development

  • Developing High Performance Teams



A pragmatic approach building on the experience and insights of the participants and using their own issues as practical examples

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