Benefits and Outcomes

By the end of the module, participants will have an overview of managing change and in particular will

  • Recognise the difference between Change and Transition
  • Understand why changes succeed or fail
  • Have insights into what is needed to make a change successful in a given situation
  • Recognise how to plan their own changes so as to increase their chances of short and long-term success



  • Change & Transition

–           The difference

–           The Transition Curve and its implications

  • Keys to Successful Change

–           Why change fails

–           Rules of thumb for success

  • What Is Change Management?

–           The role of the manager

–           Facilitating and controlling the changes

–           Understanding and catering for the impact of change

  • A Six Step Process for Managing Change Effectively



This is very practical, using examples from other organisations and individuals  who have previously designed and  implemented changes both large and small.

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